PADOZA s.r.o.

PADOZA company was founded in 1991. Immediatelly it started to expand in the Czech market offering steel constructions assembly, metalworking including steinless steel materials, alluminium, copper, etc. The company grew and in 2007 was founded the PADOZA Ltd. (s.r.o.).

We focused innitially on supplyin locksmith service for the construction companies. Since the late 90-ies we contributed for the construction of the cell-sites for the mobile operators. There was a high number of complex steel constructions and masts/towers. In 2006 we iniciated the production of light steel halls for productive and stock purpose.

In 2008 we won different tenders for the supply of manufacturing machinery units for different companies in the rubber industry in Czech republic and abroads.

PADOZA company has two production units: Zlín – Kostelec and Fryšták (close to Zlín). There is a machining production at Kostelec. The main production is since 2010 concentrated in Fryšták. On a 2 000 m2 surface, there are the production unit, store house, paint-shop and the head office of PADOZA company.

The production capacity of PADOZA company permits to process up to 3 tons of iron per day. We have a modern machinery, maintenance and manufacturing applications and cargo.